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Site Stile is your solution to having hassle-free site management. It solves the daily nightmare of producing the required records of site operatives, whilst also saving the principal contractor precious time and money.

The system is tailor designed to suit the site, the numbers of operatives and the amount of entrances required, thereby improving punctuality and productivity. 

The PC based access control system offers:

  • Full event reporting

  • 'Who's on site?' reports

  • Flexible access privileges

  • Control of multiple turnstiles

  • Optional clocking in and clocking out data

  • Emergency roll call printing sorted by contractor or department

  • Multiple work station control over LAN

  • Magnetic card, photo ID, proximity or Biometrics such as Iris Recognition give complete flexibility

  • Anti pass back if using card or close proximity reading technology

  • Lock down of entrance to control working hours

  • Time and day work management

  • Number of persons on site report

  • Recording of failed entry attempts

  • Lost card control

  • Custom reports with the built in wizard

  • Exports time sheet data in CSV format

  • Live event screening

The hardware we offer includes:

  • Full height single turnstiles

  • Half height turnstiles

  • Double full height turnstiles

  • Double half height turnstiles

  • Bidirectional travel for high traffic

  • Fail safe in the event of emergency or power failure

  • 110v or 240v options

  • Powder coated in your corporate colours or fully galvanised

  • Access granted in green light, access denied/locked in red light

  • Optional accessories such as an emergency evacuate button in construction office

  • Automatic printing of roll call report

The system is supplied, installed and setup on site by our own installation team and programmed with your specific parameters. Once purchased, the system can be moved to the next site and so on. It's as simple as that!

Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss the requirements for your site. 

Call 0208 529 7999

or email us at

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